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Parallel Lines


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Welcome to the journey of Cupid's Heart- the duo that is out to win yours!

This unique pairing sparked to life within the context of queer love.  Some casual jams quickly evolved into a full fledged musical project, and in the spring of 2022, Cupid's Heart began.


Cellist Stacey Dunn is a member of Matachewan First Nation who began her journey with the cello as an adult. When she met musician and artist Emma Jean they were both able to share creativity and love of music in a new way.  Eluding easy classification, Cupid's Heart roams within the realm of alternative rock.


Emma Jean, formerly of the band Rymestone and current guitar / vocals  of Cupid's Heart confesses " I'm really in love with this project, working with a duo things have been happening really quickly and I think the electric and Stacey's cello make for a refreshing paring.  I think people will like what we have been cooking up- we are very excited to get some songs out there and show people what we have been working on."

Cupid's Heart has recently released their first single, Juliet , and will be following up with more songs from their upcoming EP Atrium in 2023.


Book Cupid's Heart for a gig, purchase soon to be released band merch, or show support by following and sharing content. 

Cupid's Heart hopes to see you at a show someday soon.  :)

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